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Ohio Law, ORC 5713.01(B), requires that County Auditors review the accuracy of all real property information on the county tax books every six years.

Lawrence County is on schedule to have its revaluation with an effective date of January 1, 2016. That may seem like it is a long time from now, but with over 55,000 property parcels in our county, it is extremely important, that this revaluation process begin this fall.

Hopefully, you can help make the most of the modern technology we have set up for you to make this revaluation process more efficient, more accurate, and more convenient for you.

If you are a Residential or Agricultural property owner in Lawrence County, you may receive an official mailer from my office with information about your property. Please look over it for accuracy. You may verify the accuracy and/or make any corrections about your home to the Auditor’s Office in three ways: via mail, in person, or by using this website.

Your most convenient option will be submitting your verification online. Simply click on the yellow “Data Verification” link above. You have been assigned a unique Username and Password that can only be found on your mailer to gain access to your property’s information online. Make any corrections to your property on the on-line form, click the submit button, and that is all you have to do. You do not need to return the mailer.

Please feel free to include any additional explanations, exhibits, sketches or pictures you believe will be helpful to better understand your property. The corrections you submit will not get automatically posted to our live data. Your corrections will be updated to the website once the revaluation process for the county is complete.

The mailers are an attempt to make the revaluation process more efficient and less intrusive for you, but if you do not submit your Data Verification, an inspector may be required to personally visit your home and thoroughly inspect your property to ensure the information about your property is accurate.

In addition to the property verifications, representatives from my office will be taking digital photographs of every building in Lawrence County over the next several months. You will probably see them in your neighborhood as they will be clearly identifiable. If you have any questions of their identity, please feel free to call our office.

Also, the Auditor’s Office will be analyzing the Lawrence County real estate market trends from recent years, and with the approval of the Ohio Department of Tax Equalization, an updated estimated market value for your property will be available for your review in late 2016.

This six year revaluation is an extensive process, but it is extremely important to our schools, to our local governments and especially to you, the taxpayer, to make sure the value of your property is accurately and fairly reflected.

Jason C. Stephens, CFP®

Lawrence County Auditor

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